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Are you new to Web Hosting?
Hotspace offers everything you need to get your business on the web. There are four main components to web hosting, they are:

Domain name hosting (and registration) - almost all businesses have their own domain name, and we strongly recommend that you choose a suitable name for your business web site. You can register the name yourself through any registrar you like or we can do it for you. Hotspace does not charge a premium for registering domain names on your behalf and we always list you as the "Admin" contact for the domain name so you are always in control of your business.

Web site hosting - a home for your business on the Internet so that your customers always have fast access to your business information. Speed and reliability is key to a successful web site. If a site is slow or displays an error page you have probably lost that customer. Your web site should be up all the time. If a host is going to provide speed and reliability they will need to have invested in good hardware, systems and infrastructure.

E-mail hosting - today businesses are reliant on their e-mail services. With spammers (people sending bulk unsolicited messages) viruses, worms and hackers it is important to have experts managing those services for you. As well as offering an advanced web based mail management system, Hotspace can also provide you with Internet based anti-virus protection.

Support and Service - the last but by no means the least important feature, because without this all of our state of the art equipment would be next to useless if you didn't know how to take advantage of it. Our service is second to none. Choose the hosting plan that suits your needs and budget, then upgrade and add options as you need them. Our support staff will be there to help you every step of the way.

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