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Safemail Virus Protection

Hotspace uses and recommends Message Labs' SkyScan. We are in good company; The Bank of England, The British Government, Cathay Pacific and McDonalds Restaurants all rely on SkyScan to control email based viruses.

SkyScan is a managed Internet based anti-virus service; it is 100% guaranteed by MessageLabs. SkyScan uses three up-to-the minute releases of leading anti-virus software, then just to be doubly sure your mail is checked by Skeptic - the intelligent (heuristic) database that found Melissa and Bad Trans more than 24 hours before the first anti-virus software update was released.

SkyScan starts from just $11 per month. There is no set-up, no software to load and no technical knowledge required.

This means that even small businesses and home users can afford to use the very best anti-virus control available.

Skycan MessageLabs Diagrams:
Timeline: Outbreak of the Goner virus I've got Anti-Virus software, am I ok? The Skeptic difference The Skeptic data store The Skeptic points system

To sign up, please call us on 1800 810 885

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