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Technical Information

SkyScan is not just an anti-virus scanner running on a server. It is in fact 3 up-to-the-minute well respected anti-virus scanners running on a cluster of 12 servers in 18 locations across the world.

The anti-virus scanners are backed up by a heuristic database which can identify suspect code and quarantine it until given the all clear, or added to the AV software. This feature picked up Melissa and Bad Trans 24 hours before it was detected by AV software.

- All services are managed through a web console.
- Average overhead is 1.5 of a second.
- Service and support is 24x7

Message Labs is a well respected member of the anti-virus industry and makes a valuable contribution to the industry by way of statistics and samples of new and suspect code.

The Skeptic Factor (PDF)
SkyScan Anti-Spam (PDF)
SkyScan Anti-Virus (PDF)
SkyScan Service Overview (PDF)
SkyScan Technical Overview (PDF)
MessageLabs Web Site