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Why trust your business hosting to Hotspace?
It is often difficult to compare one hosting company to another just by looking at their web site, and what appeals to one person may not be important for another. We have many advantages over our competitors, here we list the ones that we have found are most important to our clients.

We are here for the long run. Hotspace commenced business in 1996 when the industry was in its infancy. Since that beginning Hotspace has been profitable and is in yet another phase of rapid growth.

Hotspace - genuinely Australian. Hotspace owns and operates it's own data centre here in Melbourne. Our network and your web site is close to your customers; this keeps download time to a minimum and keeps your customers happy. Beware of imitations, there are many "Australian hosting companies" that simply resell services originated in the U.S. These companies can usually be identified by the offer of unlimited download and extremely cheap rates.

Reliability and Up-time. We consistently deliver better than 99.95%. We have invested heavily in our systems and procedures to ensure you get the reliability your business needs.

The Best Service and Support. The people in our support and customer service areas love their jobs and they have all the resources they need to help you achieve your goals. We have no telephone support queues and you can talk to our people free of charge within Australia on 1800 810 885.

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