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Mailform is a third-party CGI program that can be used to send mail from your web-based form to an SMTP server. We have provided mailform.asp for you to use on every Hotspace web site.

mailform.asp is configured using hidden form fields in your HTML code. These hidden fields provide mailform.asp with the information it needs to be able to send your e-mail. The instructions below will help you to configure mailform for your site.

Instructions are for:
HTML code
Microsoft FrontPage

Using mailform.asp in your HTML code

In a plain HTML file the configuration looks like this:

<FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="/ccgi/mailform.asp">
<input type="hidden" name="_1_MailFrom" value="_5_EMAIL">
<input type="hidden" name="_1_MailServer" value="smtp.hotspace.net.au">
<input type="hidden" name="_1_MailSubject" value="Mail from the WebSite">
<input type="hidden" name="_1_MailTo" value="your-email@your-company.com.au">
<input type="hidden" name="_1_SuccessDocument" value="../thankyou.htm">
Email address: <INPUT NAME="_5_EMAIL" TYPE="TEXT">

_5_EMAIL - If you use this name for the field that the user will enter their e-mail address into, mailform will check the value to make sure the address is valid, and then insert the address into the MailFrom field. This means that when the e-mail arrives in your inbox, it will contain the return address of the user who submitted the form.
your-email@your-company.com.au - You will need to enter a valid e-mail address of your own for the e-mail to be sent to.
../thankyou.htm - This file will be returned to the browser when the form is submitted successfully. You need to use the leading ../ so that the browser looks up one directory. (the working directory is /ccgi as specified in the form action.)

You may choose to use any of the additional fields available such as:
_2_ Ignore Field,
_3_ Credit Card Number Field,
_4_ Required Field,
_5_ Email Field

We strongly suggest getting the form working with the most basic fields FIRST before you start adding any of the optional ones. For more detailed technical instruction on these other fields, contact support@hotspace.com.au

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Using mailform.asp in Microsoft FrontPage

FrontPage has a special interface for inputting this information. You will need to enter the information relative to your web page.

You need to go to Form Properties and select "Send to other: Custom ISAPI, etc."

Click Options.
Enter "/ccgi/mailform.asp" into the Action box and click ok.

Click Advanced.
Here you will list all of the HIDDEN fields that mailform.asp requires to function. I have given some examples in the diagram but you will need more/different ones and you will need to make sure that the VALUES relate to your company and e-mail setup.
You will need to have the following name/value pairs:
You should now be able to click on all OK buttons until you are back at your page.

When you are back in your normal page display, you will need to right-click on the field in which users will input their e-mail address. Then select 'Form Field Properties'. Now, name the field _5_EMAIL so that it matches the _1_MailFrom value.

You can now save and publish the changes.

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