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Hotspace is keen to help you make the most of the Internet, and is also concerned with the growing amount of spam companies and individuals have to deal with. To this end Hotspace works closely with people setting up their mail lists. Mail Lists allow messages to be easily distributed to a group of users. By using a mail list, you can broadcast a message to all members of the list by sending it to a single email address.

How it works
Only authorized individuals may post messages to the mail list. When a message is received it checks the domain to see if it belongs to a mail list or a mailbox. If you have a mail list and a mail box of the same name the message will always be delivered to the mail box. Mail list names must be unique within the domain. Once the message is received it sits in a queue waiting to be moderated. Only authorized individuals are able to moderate a mail list. Once the message has been accepted by the moderator the email message is sent to all the members of the mail list.

Creating a Mail List
Although it is possible to directly input a list of names into the mail list database this is usually not permitted as it has the potential to cause problems with non-deliverable addresses and complaints of spamming.

The normal process is to set up a form on your web site where people can subscribe to your list. Access Example Files Here. You can also enter and delete email addresses manually.

People can unsubscribe to your list in 2 ways. They can either unsubscribe through the form on your web site. Access Example Files Here. Or, they can reply to the email with the words unsubscribe in the first line of the body of the message.

Setting Up Your Default Messages
You will need to create standard Messages for the following functions provided by the mail list. They are:
· Welcome - sent when a request for subscription is received.
· Help - sent when a user requests help in relation to the mail list.
· Goodbye - sent when someone unsubscribes from the mail list.
These messages will be need to be copied into the mail list.

Sending a Message for Broadcast Through the Mail List
For the message to perform correctly you will need to create a specific account in your mail client. The account should have the following properties:
· The Mail Account Name should be the same as the name as the Mail List e.g. NewsUpdate.
· Email address should be the same as the mail list. E.g. newsupdate@yourdomain.com.au
· The reply address is newsupdate-request@yourdomain.com.au
For ease of use you should make an entry in your address book for the mail list. If you wish to send your email message using Rich Text Format you will need to ensure that the check box in the address book named "send email using plain text only" is not checked.

It is important that all actions of the list are tested properly before making it public. A Hotspace representative will work through this with you. Once you have created the subscribe and unsubscribe forms you should contact Hotspace for assistance. The Hotspace representative will act as moderator until it is confirmed that all features are working correctly. Then an individual within your organization will be appointed moderator, who will take full responsibility for the mail list.